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quinta-feira, 12 de maio de 2016

Animals need your help

Headlines of all newspapers in many parts of the world talk about  the political Brazilian unrest. TV News all over the world, also  mention the dissatisfaction of the people in the streets . What they do not mention though is that animals are also suffering with this crisis. I would say they are suffering much more than human animals.The number of cats and dogs  abandoned in miserable conditions in the roads is increasing every day.
Here in Santo Antonio da Patrulha, a small city in the South of Brazil in the  state of Rio Grande do Sul, we created a Non Profitable Organization called Animal Shelter. Every month we have a special event, such as  a dinner,  a raffle,   a show so that we can gather some money to pay the veterinarians. They   make special prices for us  so that we can help more. Our group  also used to get some donations , but now, not  anymore, due to the  political crisis. No one has money for anything.
  Pregnant females,  hurt dogs, females with puppies.... every day there is something new.
Thus, the number of hits and runs increased, people call us at least once a day to tell  about accidents concerning animals.
That is why we are here asking for help.
Our dream is to have a  safe place where we could take the animals we  rescue. Our dream is to castrate more, much more.
Help us to help them.
Please, animals here DO need  your help.

Send us an email  with your full name and the amount you want to give and we will get in touch soon.

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